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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Integrating Regional Planning and Medicine: A Strategic Plan for a Medical Clinic in Barra Mansa, Brazil

Dr Stephanie Kelly, Dr Joseph P. Kelly.

The purpose of the study was to develop a Strategic Plan for the University of Barra Mansa (UBM) Healthcare Clinic, located on the campus of UBM in Barra Mansa, Brazil. The steps in the planning process included: (1) collecting medical data on disease incidence rates from area hospitals, public health institutions and physicians and researchers; (2) assessing and evaluating the existent medical clinic facilities; (3) analyzing community needs and resources, and; (4) developing a Strategic Plan for the medical clinic. The Strategic Plan addresses the issues of optimal operational management, opportunities for medical facilities, and access potential for the population in the surrounding barrios of Barra Mansa.
Barra Mansa, located 110 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro, is a city of approximately 100,000 with an undocumented number of people in the peripheral barrio areas. The methods used for the medical data collection included interviews of public health officials and physicians, meeting and work sessions with community leaders, and review of research studies from UBM. Digital data concerning infectious disease incidence rates were collected. The methods used for geographic and site locational data were fieldwork and GIS (Geographic Informations Systems) map review. Connections were established with the Barra Mansa Municipal Center and Planning Department to collect and analyze demographic and transportation data.
Outcomes of the development of the Strategic Plan were: a definition of priorities for resource allocation, identifiable action steps to achieve the plan, and the establishment of parameters for measuring the success of the plan over time. The methods for developing the Strategic Plan for the clinic are applicable as a model for other emerging and third world countries.


Dr Stephanie Kelly  (United States)
Chair Professor
Department of Geography and Regional Planning
Westfield State College

Chair and professor, Department of Geography and Regional Planning, Westfield State College, Westfield, MA, US. Teach courses in community planning, world regional geography, and legal issues in zoning and planning. Research includes brownfields development, medical clinic planning and resource allocation.

Dr Joseph P. Kelly  (United States)

Riverbend Medical Group

  • Site location analysis
  • Demographic studies
  • Transportation studies
  • Medical management
  • Medical operational systems

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