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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

The Challenge Of Change: Developing the Concept of National Policy of Humanities and Social Sciences in a EU Accession Country

Giedrius Viliu¯nas.

Humanities and social sciences (hss) in small Middle-European EU accession countries are facing a double challenge: on one hand, they have to adjust themselves to European and global networks, politics and markets of science, on other hand, they have to re-legitimate themselves in their own countries competing with ingrained modernist ideologies preferring „exact“ sciences and Hi-Tech development. Moreover, one could notice that present EU science policy offers relatively few possibilities of support for curiosity-driven research in social sciences and especially in humanities. This generates a strong need for concepts of role of hss in global multicultural society and of strategies of development of hss of small countries. Present paper will examine political and social factors and some conceptual underpinnings of such a strategy of hss, which is currently under discussion in Lithuania. The concept is being developed considering both disciplinary and institutional levels of hss; identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Lithuanian hss both in national and international perspective and concentrating on defining the role of hss in three priority areas: (1) encouragement of socio-economic development; (2) preservation and continuation of national cultural identity and the common European cultural identity; and (3) creation of a common epistemological and axiological foundations for the system of sciences.


Giedrius Viliu¯nas  (Lithuania)
Docent, Head of the Department
Department of Lithuanian Literature
Vilnius University

Born May 20, 1963, in Marijampol_ (Lithuania), 1986 graduated in Lithuanian philology at Vilnius University, Lithuania, 1990 took a Candidate’s of Sciences degree in Philology at Vilnius University (1993 nostrificated as Doctor of Humanities), since 1989 teaches courses in history of Lithuanian literature at Vilnius University, since 1995 head of the Department of Lithuanian Literature of VU. Author of a monograph, of about 30 scholarly articles, editor of some collections of articles and textbooks on history of Lithuanian literature, teaching of literature, sociology of literature, history of Lithuanian literary criticism and Lithuanian literary modernism. Editor-in-chief of research papers "Literat_ra" (Vilnius University). An advisor of the Minister of Education and Science of Lithuania, head of a working group to draft a national humanities and social sciences development strategy within the context of the general strategy for developing Lithuanian science.

  • Politics of humanities and social sciences
  • Strategic planning of humanities and social sciences
  • State of humanities and social sciences
  • Transformation of humanities and social sciences
  • Philosophy of humanities and social sciences
  • Globalisation
  • Cultural identity
  • European research area

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)