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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Professional Partnerships: The Rewards and the Rubs in Rubbing Shoulders

Nancy Kwasteniet.

Increasing opportunities in the academy for collaborative interdependence across disciplines foster innovative partnerships and broaden perspectives. Pooling resources and sharing expertise enables not only those in the political and industrial arena, but also higher education students, faculty, and staff to achieve greater efficacy and enhanced scholarship. Along with the synergy of shared ideas and resources, these same collaborative opportunities pose relational challenges as professionals of varied pedagogical and philosophical perspectives are called into heightened interaction.
A realistic appraisal of one’s personal style of communication in terms of assertiveness, conflict management, ability to compromise, nonverbal signals, empathetic listening and the like is essential for effective collegiality. Of equal importance is access to tools which encourage feedback and enhance equitable sharing of responsibilities.
Participants in this sectional will receive feedback from others as they engage in cooperative learning activities and role play scenarios. A variety of resources will be shared by the session chair which can be adapted to a broad range of settings. Directions for setting up and utilizing a cost-free internet discussion forum will be given along with examples of its use in several contexts.
Brainstorming opportunities will be provided for participants to share both the challenges as well as the successes they have experienced engaging in partnerships within their individual settings. Roadblocks to collaborative interactions and ways to overcome them which cross cultural and educational boundaries will be explored.


Nancy Kwasteniet  (United States)
Assistant Professor
Department of Education
Trinity Christian College

Nancy Kwasteniet is in her 6th year of teaching education courses at the college level after years of teaching elementary and middle school children with educational challenges.

  • Professional partnerships
  • Collaborative interactions
  • Communication self-analysis
  • Interactive internet discussion forum
  • Tools to enhance collaborative Feedback

(60 min. Workshop, English)