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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Point, Click . . . Culture?

Dr. Robert Fidoten.

The continuing development and communication of the humanities for our youngest and emerging generations is talking on a completely new caste as communication and media technologies permeate our life style. We are now in a situation where the printed word, which has been the mainstay of our receipt, analysis, storage, communication, and transfer of human knowledge is giving way to the tide of electronic media. Educators have been persuaded that the future of education lies in the new electronic media The decline in literacy and intellectual development of students provides some indication that the ever accelerated dash into technological solutions for humanistic and educational problems can lead to a disaster. It is time to revisit what constitutes humanities education.


Dr. Robert Fidoten  (United States)
Associate Professor & Internship Coordinator
Department of Communication, College of Information, Business & Social Sciences
Slippery Rock University

Dr. Fidoten has a B.A., New York University; B.L.S., Pratt Institute; Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. He has been a manager in research and information systems functions. Currently Associate Professor, Slippery Rock University.

  • Technology vs. Humanities
  • Technology vs. Effective Teaching

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)