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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Going Public: Humanities at the Core of Knowledge Work

Laura Mandell, Judith de Luce.

We will be presenting a curriculum development project in its early stages, showing conference participants our plans (including our syllabus) as well as work already accomplished (parts of the database already available). This curriculum development project confronts the challenge of teaching the humanities to students who will not choose to major in them. The project takes as its goal the development of learning modules to teach first-year students in general education courses how we do the work of the humanities. These learning modules will introduce students to the theory and praxis of the humanities, from metaphor and exegesis to visual literacy and narrative knowledge. These modules will also incorporate the full range of the humanities, from foreign languages to history to comparative religion. The 'public' of the presentation title has several meanings. It refers to the public in humanities classes, in particular those students who take courses but do not major in a humanities discipline. “Public” also refers to those who teach introductory humanities classes and who will find the teaching materials we create useful. Finally, “public” refers to non-humanists who will be able to incorporate the learning modules into their own courses when methods of the humanities would invigorate student thinking.


Laura Mandell  (United States)
Associate Professor
Department of English
Miami University of Ohio

Laura Mandell is Associate Professor of English at Miami University of Ohio, Her first book, Misogynous Economies, analyzes misogynous representations of women, showing how they are deployed in a century-long process of instilling capitalist desires, extending from their use in shoring up the literary as a space of free play by Dryden, Swift, and Pope, to their use in reifying that play in the process of literary canonization during the Romantic period. Editor of open-source online anthologies, collections, and journals, Mandell teaches "Humanities and Technology" classes each semester at Miami.

Judith de Luce

Judith de Luce, co-principal investigator (Classics), is a Professor of Classics and department chair and an affiliate in Women's Studies. She has published in the areas of classical mythology, gerontology, and collaborative teaching and technology in the classroom. She is a member of the core faculty of an NEH-funded technological teaching initiative, the VRoma project . As such, she team-taught the Roman comedy pilot course included in that project. She is also co-author of the Virtual Sculpture Gallery and Zenobia: American Classical League’s Resources for Teaching Race and Ethnicity in the Classical World

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Database
  • General education humanities classes
  • Public intellectual

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)