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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Through the Eyes of a Child: Representations of Violence and Conflict in the Juvenilia of Ana Maria Matute

Scott Macdonald Frame.

The study of juvenilia is an area of research within the Humanities very much in its infancy. This article analyses a particular corpus of juvenilia written by Ana Maria Matute, Spain's most important female writer and member of Spain's Royal Academy, as a child during the Spanish Civil War, and discusses how the representations of violence and conflict found in <<La Revista de Shibil>> are imbued with narratological elements that juxtapose the literal (historical) and the literary modalities.


Scott Macdonald Frame  (United Kingdom)
Lecturer of Spanish literature and language
School of Languages
University of Salford

Scott Macdonald Frame is a bilingual speaker of Spanish and English presently lecturing at the University of Salford, Great Britain. He has three Masters degrees [(Spanish (1990), Teaching English as a Second Language (1990) and European Language and Culture (2001)] and is presently carrying out doctoral research at the University of Manchester in Contemporary Spanish Literature. His eight-year collaboration with the Spanish author Ana Maria Matute has focused on her novels and short story production and he is an authority on her juvenilia collection housed at Boston University's Mugar Library. He has produced articles on Contemporary Spanish and Latinamerican literature published in Hispanófila, Romance Studies and the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies among other international journals.

  • Juvenilia
  • Narratological analysis
Person as Subject
  • Matute, Ana Maria

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)