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The Second International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities

Oceana: Mermaids and Sea Goddesses

Sandy Miranda.

The archetypal ocean goddess, here called Oceana, has been a powerful presence and symbol for the women of the world throughout history. There is currently a strong resurgence of sea goddesses, mermaids, and oceanic female deities in the United States. In remote, rural, and urban toy stores alike, you will find ubiquitous mermaid dolls.
What have the many names of the ocean goddess been, around the world? How has she been called? Who and what is the "Mother of the Sea", and why is she so important at this time in history?
We'll look at examples in Medieval and Chaldean times, and in Jewish, Persian, Christian, Amorite, Semite, Syrian, Hindu, Babylonia, Africa, and Northern Europe. We'll look at artistic images of Her from Japan, Italy, and beyond.
Last but not least, I'll tell my own personal connection with Oceana, goddess of the sea. I have created a lovely piece of fiber art which I will bring and display, which is an actual knitting of the Great Mother Ocean. The piece is very magical, and is surprisingly inspirational to many. Other current, unusual, spiritual images of mother ocean will also be presented.


Sandy Miranda  (United States)
M.A. Candidate
Women's Spirituality, Philosophy & Religion
California Institute of Integral Studies

Sandy Miranda is a Master's candidate in Women's Spirituality at CIIS in San Francisco. She is also producer/host of the radio series "Women, Spirit, and Peace" on KPFA radio in Berkeley, California. She is very interested in world culture, music, myth, and magic, and has been a writer all her life.

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